Hand care

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It penetrates inside the nails, the nails grow strong and healthy, obtain a beautiful natural color and a healthy shine.
This is a treatment for you if your nails:

– they are destroyed after gel styling, tips, hybrids
– they are weak, thin as paper, and split out
– they have white spots, furrows, damage
– they are fragile and constantly break
The treatment can be combined with gel and hybrid stylization!

Price: 40 PLN


This Maniciure saves very damaged nails, which struggle with breaking, splitting, brittleness and lack of vitamins. It is ideal as a regeneration after acrylic, gels and hybrids.The treatment consists in rubbing the wax evenly with a natural file. For best results, it needs to be repeated about 4 times at 2-3 week intervals, it lasts about 30-40 minutes.

Price: 80 PLN



Traditional treatment contains preparation the nail plate and remove the peel. Finally we put a special moisturize cream on hands and oil on nails.

Price: 60 PLN

+ Nail painting 20 PLN



Classic manicure with special hybrid manicure. It’s a special polish nail, which hardening in UV lamp. Durable until 3 weeks. This product is hypoallergenic and non-invasive.
Price: 80 PLN

Basic shellac manicure 90 zł
French shellac manicure 100 zł
Take off shellac 40 zł




Depending on the shape of the hand and the client’s preferences, we create nails in various shapes. The applied gel mass is thin, flexible and, importantly, durable.

Gel + shellac with an extension on the form 150
Gel + shellac on a natural nail 120zł
Complementing the gel + shellac 110-120 zł
Gel reconstruction-1 nail 20 zł
Gel removal 50 zł
Nail decoration from 10 zł




Treatment included traditional manicure with peeling, relaxing massage and mask, which hydrate and regenerate hand skin.

Price: 100 PLN



Paraffin improves skin condition. After the treatment the skin is soft and smooth. This treatment is recommended for person with grey, cracked skin, which need fast and strong hydration.

Price: 60 PLN