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Trichology is a field dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of scalp problems and proper hair care. We help in the fight against:

  • hair loss
  • weakness of hair
  • male pattern baldness
  • female type baldness
  • alopecia areata.


Each time we conduct a trichological consultation, which allows us to know the cause of problems with hair and perform trichoscopy (detailed analysis of the condition of hair and scalp by means of microcamera). The course of treatments and frequency are determined depending on the problem, the type of scalp and hair. The best effects are usually visible after a series of 4-10 treatments at intervals of 2 weeks.

Trocological consultation: 150 PLN


We offer the following treatments:

  • needle mesotherapy – consists in injecting substances that nourish hair, ie dexapanthenol, organic silica, oligoelements, biotin, minoxidil, lidocaine or NCTF. These substances activate regeneration of the hair structure by inhibiting the process of hair loss, causing them to regrow. The treatment works well in the case of excessive hair loss in middle-aged men and women after childbirth or during menopause. Therapy should begin at the first symptoms so that the hair does not significantly thin out.

biotin 250 PLN –500 PLN

  • plasma – is a platelet concentrate that we get as a result of centrifugation and isolation from the blood. Thanks to the plasma platelets contained in the plasma, so-called growth factors that have a strong regenerative effect. The skin becomes nourished, the hair stops falling out and quickly appears new. Regeneration and remodeling of tissues begins just after 2 days from the first treatment.
    Price: 600 PLN 


  • d’Arsonval currents – produce ozone that has a bactericidal and fungicidal effect.
    Thanks to d’Arsonval currents, the work of new bulbs is stimulated, the hair grows faster and the damaged bulbs regenerate. Ozone heats up and therefore accelerates the metabolism in the scalp, resulting in increased absorption of nutrients. The treatment is recommended for people with seborrhea, oily hair, dandruff, hair loss (alopecia and androgenic baldness), pruritus of the scalp, in order to reduce the excess of bacteria.
    After the treatment, the hair is less greasy and strengthened, bacterial diseases of the scalp are removed.

Price: 50 PLN