Ear piercing

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MEDICAL Piercing of the ears

Are you looking for a safe way to pierce your ears?

Using only sterile products, using the safe Blomdahl piercing method and skin-friendly jewelry, we always put your health and the health of your skin first. Bearing in mind the well-being of children, we chose a medical system of piercing both ears at the same time, which speeds up the piercing process without losing anything on the safety of the procedure. Blomdahl has developed a system of medical piercing of both ears at the same time.

Skin-friendly materials, even for people with allergies

Our ear piercing earrings were developed after consultation with dermatologists. Blomdahl earrings can also be worn by people who already have some allergies because they are made of medical plastic with zero (0%) nickel content or pure medical titanium. They have been specially designed to facilitate and accelerate the healing process of the ears after piercing. and make it easier to put on your normal earrings later.

  • plug – a key for quick healing,
  • longer stick – more air,
  • thicker sticks – easy change,
  • hypoallergenic jewelry – protection against allergies.


1 earring 70 PLN 
2 earrings 140 PLN