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    Dermalogica is a brand of American professional cosmetics created in 1986 by an international authority in the field of cosmetology – International Dermal Institute.

    This brand is synonymous with a rational approach to skin care. Dermalogica cosmetics were created as a result of many years of research by American scientists. They are made of the best ingredients of plant origin and advanced biotechnology ingredients in the world. Thanks to investing huge resources in research and development of new technologies, they have been setting quality standards in the market of professional dermocosmetics for years. Every year, Dermalogica launches new formulas that are the latest achievement of science.

    The brand is recommended by the best specialists, models, top make-up artists and journalists of beauty sections of women’s magazines around the world. Many publications on Dermalogica products can be found in Glamor, Avanti, Cosmopolitan and LNE magazines.

  • revitalash

    The company RevitaLash®Advanced is a world leader in the stimulation of growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.
    In June 2011 it was introduced to the market as the most advanced formula. RevitaLash®Advanced, the effect can be seen after 3 weeks of use, as confirmed by five independent clinical research institutes in the US and Canada. The research confirmed the effectiveness of use and maximum safety. RevitaLash®Advanced is dermatologically tested, Ophthalmologist, does not cause allergies, does not cause irritation or changes in color of the retina. Dense formula means that the product can be safely applied even at the base of the eyelash and filtered into the surface of the eye. Clinical tests show no effects on intraocular pressure of the eye.

    Composition latest Advanced includes RevitaLash® Advanced formula developed by the team of Dr. Brinkenhoff even more active molecules derived unsaturated carboxylic acids, plant extracts m. Al. Sabal minor, ginseng, green tea, wheat, marigold, complemented by action of the active nanopeptides.

    Conditioner makes the lashes become dramatically longer, thicker and more beautiful in record time!!!