Cavitation peeling

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Cavitation is to divine cells of liquids on the top of a client skin. Ultra-waves and liquids make bubbles of gas that grows during the treatment and eventually pop. This costed splitting up of dead skin cells thanks to heat and high pressure.

Cavitation peeling (face, neck, decolletage ) + mask 150 PLN

Cavitation peeling (face, neck, decolletage) + cleansing + mask  250 PLN

Cavitation peeling (face, neck, decolletage) + massage + mask  200 PLN

Cavitation peeling (face, neck, decolletage) + massage + ampoule inserted by sonophoresis + mask 230 PLN


  • exfoliation dead cells
  • remove the sebum and other skin contaminations
  • moisturize the skin
  • stimulate microcirculation
  • acceleration active ingredients
  • destroyed bacteria